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Wrapping up 2023

As the year comes to an end we've been taking stock of all that we've achieved this year. We have moved to the smaller zine format and had a bunch of fun adjusting to a slightly different style. We released ReMix, ReWind, ReQueer, a collaborative zine made with Mack Sproates (@hailtothezinebaby), as well as announcing this year's Fridge Award Winner - Amy Gladding (@my_faraway) - whose wonderful vision is coming together beautifully and will be available Spring 2024. We have also remastered Issue One, breathing a new lease of life into our very first achievement. This has been filled with wonderful lessons and a whole lot of nostalgia. The remastered magazine is how we will be kicking off 2024 so keep an eye out for that! There will also be a new round of zine submissions for our next theme -WORDS! - more on this after Christmas. We are slightly behind finishing everything up this year due to unexpected hospital visits followed by a lengthy recovery interrupted by covid. As such, Subscriber bundles will be ever so slightly delayed. We will get them out as soon as possible but it'll likely be mid January; thank you for your patience.

Have a wonderful festive season, however you spend it! Thank you for your continued support, we can't wait to see lots of new and awesome art in 2024.

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