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Alice Lock


Alice Lock is a Bristol based photographer, interested in natural and social structures and how the two interact. She mainly photographs gardens, plants and flowers, creating playful, colourful compositions. Two of Alice's projects can be seen here, 'Botanical Gardens of Bristol' and 'Abelia'. Alice's series 'Constructed Nature can be found in Issue Six alongside other wonderful botanical garden themed works.

Botanical Garden



Abelia (which means breath in Hebrew) has been all about experimenting with nature in quarantine, pairing whatever I can find around the house with wild flowers I find on my walks, to create playful compositions. The images contemplate ideas of the picturesque, due to the considered placements of the flowers, evoking a sense of harmony to me. This order and harmony is something I wish to see more of in the outside world right now, so this series brings me pleasure in constructing and viewing it. Allowing you as the viewer to take a breath and escape from reality for a second.


Botanical Gardens of Bristol


Within this series of images I explore different types of greenhouses, including conservation sites, as well as more typical greenhouses for food growth. I want to illuminate the beauty found in these confined spaces, as I feel they go unappreciated. Images taken at Bristol Botanical Gardens and Tyntesfield National Trust.

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