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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit?

We only accept submission through our web form. The guidelines are on the submission page, please include your name/artist handle and a description of your work when you submit. We will not accept submissions via any other means.


How many times can I submit?

As much as you like. You are welcome to submit part of a project and explain the project in the submission description, we can always ask you for more work.


What is in the magazine/at exhibitions?

Art! All sorts of art, all styles, all mediums. We hope to showcase underrepresented art and reclaim the word weird to be used in the celebratory manner that it should.


When/where is the magazine available?

The magazine is available to buy online. Printed magazines will also be available at exhibitions.

I am in the magazine; Do I receive compensation?

We are not currently in the position to offer compensation for works submitted. To be able to compensate all of the successful artists we would have to charge a fee for every submission which conflicts with our ethos of accessibility. The whole aim of what we do is to offer free opportunities to underrepresented artists that struggle to access the creative industry through traditional channels. We are not here to take advantage of anyone and if you feel this is unfair please know, we don't make any profit. If you wish to discuss this further we are happy to talk to you privately.


I am in the magazine; will I get a free copy?

All contributors receive a digital copy of the magazine. Print copies are available via the website.


Do you do exhibitions?

It is something we have done and will do, but currently do not have any upcoming exhibitions. See our exhibitor information page for details on other aspects of exhibition.


Do you sell art online?

We are proud to have multiple artists stocking with us. If you would be interested in selling work via our site please email to discuss this opportunity.

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