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"In this age and time, when we realize something is not right with us is when we reach the end of the cliff. Little do we realize that it’s a systematic downturn that we ignore on a regular basis. During these uncertain times, the mind certainly has a mind of its own. It can go to pretty dark places if not checked in with. This is a series to create awareness about checking in with how you are feeling on a daily basis. When I was thinking hard on labelling my feelings I realized that we have a different set of feelings for the outside world, aka the masks we wear, and the feelings we actually feel on the inside. I have always wanted to use my art to openly engage with topics related to mental health. This is my first step towards it. Each piece has my own expression of how I felt on a particular day. Each color has an emotion attached to it that can differ from person to person based on how you perceive colors. So tell me how are you feeling today? What do these pieces make you feel?"

Urmila Menon

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