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Amy Gladding

My Art and Photography practice explores the natural world and changing landscapes. I am driven to document my surroundings to try to find a sense of place in the world. My work is experimental and spans many art forms. I work predominately through analogue processes merging these outcomes with art and design techniques.
The freedom I get from walking and shooting when my time is so little and so precious, is what makes every shot sentimental to me. The whole process is intertwined and fraught with the essence of motherhood and feelings of being tethered and needed constantly.
When I go out to photograph I am free for a short time and it’s bliss (just as much as my time with my daughter is bliss but in a completely different way)
Each photograph speaks of a personal experience and rare solitude within the landscape.

Time Travel [Fridge Award Winner]

I have created places and spaces that only exist in my imagination or a dream world. These invented  landscapes and escapes allow me to travel elsewhere relive experiences from my past that feel a world away from my present.  I get a sense of freedom looking into each landscape.  

Amy_Time Travel.jpg

Anne Bardsley

My love of animals and the joy they bring me inspires all my paintings. I’ve created a variety of artistic styles which allows me to present each animal in a unique way, I’ll employ a different technique depending on what impact I’m hoping to achieve. I enjoy working with acrylics and soft pastels to create mixed media paintings that have an energy to them which reflects the mood of the species being depicted. Or I’ll work in a pop art style, choosing bold acrylic paints that pull focus on the subject matter. I'm also currently developing my oil painting skills in order to create work in a more painterly style.

Although I use a variety of materials and artistic processes for each piece, my methodology is consistent throughout and is linked by recurring concerns for endangered species. I’ve found that working in this way allows me the freedom to experiment with creative approaches to constantly expand my abilities and create work that resonates with all animal lovers.

Minnie [Fridge Award Shortlist]

When I sit back and reflect on pieces that I’ve created and I think of the work that I’m proudest of, it’s got to be the ones where I’ve taken the reference photo which inspired the painting. Currently I’m used to thinking of an idea for a particular piece then looking for reference photos online in order to create a painting from it, and although this brings be joy, in the last year I’ve tried to take as many of my own photos as possible. The feeling of interacting or knowing the animal in the painting, then capturing their personality in a reference photo in order to work from is so much more rewarding. Even if the viewer doesn’t get that sense of connection I certainly feel it and each piece means that extra bit more to me than I ever thought it would.

Minnie the Shetland pony followed us all around her pen when we visited a farm and when she gave myself and my nephew what we considered to be quite a sloppy kiss I knew I had to dedicate a piece to her.

Emily_ Optimist 1.jpeg

Emily Bessex

I wasn’t a particularly arty kid. I was creative but because I couldn’t draw anything except a duck that didn’t even really look like a duck, I thought art wasn’t for me. Now I’m a teacher and I started trying out different art techniques to use with kids in my class with physical disabilities and learning difficulties who couldn’t access a lot of what was usually on offer. I discovered so many things they could get involved in and be proud of, and also realised that being able to draw a duck properly wasn’t the only prerequisite for making art.

I’m proud of these pieces in particular because they show my style in all its incarnations (so far…). I don’t stick to a specific medium, I just opt for colourful, fun to make art that makes me feel good. Each of these pieces is special to me for a different reason, but they make me so proud that they exist. School aged me wouldn’t believe it.

Optimist 1 [Fridge Award Shortlist]

My very first piece of ‘art’ that I made since realising I was allowed to make art just because I like doing it! I was so proud of the colours, the happiness it gave me looking at it, and quite liked the enthusiasm from my immediate family too. I made lots more of these style of paintings on paper, but couldn’t resist adding eyes and hats to them, because they look like little critters flying off on an adventure. This is where it started though, so this one makes me very proud.

Swipes [Gold Heart Prize]

This was the biggest canvas I had pained when I made this. It’s proudly displayed in our bedroom on my husband’s grandfather’s easel. It’s all my favourite colours and it makes me smile every time I look at it and that’s the whole reason I make art.



Lush Nature [Fridge Award Shortlist]

This Illustration is inspired by the lushness of summer nature. The rich greens of my succulent houseplants, classic 50s pin up poses and the softness and sheen of vinyl toys. The flower ladies are reoccurring characters in my work. They're cheeky little plants that grew legs and big bums but no arms. They're wiggly and bouncy yet smooth and firm much like the plastic toys their look is inspired from. I love experimenting with the different textures and lights that 3D software offers to achieve a tactile and lively look for my illustrations.

Eva_Munnich_Lush Nature.jpg

I love how this piece captures the spirit of the flower lady characters. Their cheeky attitude and fun charisma. Their full bodies remind me of ancient fertility idols that worshipped nature for its live giving fruitfulness. The piece radiates fun and playfulness. I can imagine it looking very good as a print hanging over my plant shelf.

Eva is a 3D animation director, illustrator and ceramic artist based in London. She likes making cute characters with a sprinkle of weirdness added to them. She loves to playfully over exaggerate their bodies, expressions and movements. Her art is fun and light-hearted. It tells relatable stories about the life of the cute, quirky beings of this world. No matter If they're human, a washing machine, a piece of toast or a mutated dancing flower."

Heather_Boxes Of Views.jpeg

Heather Hawick

Heather Hawick works with Illustration to create her own unique worldview, exploring the intersections between Americana style designs, tattoos, and often incorporating skulls. Based in Glasgow, she is inspired by themes of mortality, nostalgia, and identity, which she uses to reflect on the darker side of humanity. She loves to add a unique twist to traditional tattoo designs, often focusing on intricate details to create a bold statement.

It started off as a little brainstorming project to get out of a creative funk. I soon realised I was having a lot of fun working in small details and using different imagery to create what would become a final piece

Boxes of Views

[Fridge Award Shortlist and Black Heart Prize Winner]

A digital illustration containing boxes with different items in each. Each item ties into old school tattoo pieces and with Americana vibes whilst using a limited colour palette.

Lloyd_Oof 2_edited.jpg

Lloyd Mattews

Over the last 6 months I have been playing with Lino printing. Using various small sketches and doodles as a way to broaden my use of materials and expand my knowledge and style. Whilst doing these pieces they started forming small stories in my head and imagination started putting them together in the same world.  Some are still being thought through but there are many ideas for different pieces and thoughts which I’m hoping to explore over time.

Having only started Lino printing properly recently - aside from having done one or two pieces at school as college, I was really happy with how these pieces turned out and the cross over with my art style worked alongside the whole process rather than against it. There was a natural progression.

As well as allowing myself to create whatever I wanted to and have fun with it. I feel like these images have helped me raise my skill level and knowledge, as well as producing some great images.

Oof 2 [Fridge Award Shortlist]

Oofs are creatures found in a separate part of the world, rarely seen or heard of anymore. They come in various looks and colours.

Myth & Lore Zine

I create a zine called Myth & Lore which is dedicated to all things folklore and mythology. So far we have released 6 issues. Issue 1 is themed Cryptids of the United Kingdom and covers such mythological beings as Nessie and the Black Dogs that are common all over the UK. Issue 2 is themed around Mushrooms & Fungus and features 96 pages of art, short stories, interviews and there's even a recipe for a risotto! We have also released a smaller standalone issue themed around Morris Dancers with interviews with 9 different Morris sides..
As well as the zine I create pen & ink illustrations under the name Geist which are heavily inspired by the same themes.

Myth & Lore Zine [Fridge Award Shortlist]

Myth & Lore Zine started as a way for me to indulge in my personal interests surrounding mythology and folklore but after the 1st issue I came to learn that there is a huge appetite for folklore to be presented through a modern lens. This has allowed me to champion so many incredible artists, writers and creators and give their work a place to be seen and shared. Myth & Lore has always aimed to be a safe space for all and encourage everyone to submit when they can.

Myth & Lore Zine_edited.jpg

Natalie Priest

Hello, I’m Natalie Priest, I’m an artist, animator and Illustrator who likes to create artwork and animation short films which focus on characters with lively personality and bright, bold designs. I love a sense of motion and movement in my work, and this is reflected In the energy. I have both an MA and a BA Hons degree In Animation which I obtained from The University For The Creative Arts In Farnham. I am a Neurodiverse creative who has Aspergers Syndrome and mental health issue such as Schizoaffective disorder and social anxiety.
The message In a lot of my artwork Is aimed at making the viewer feel uplifted and positive maybe even make them smile.
I love to travel and see new places, especially overseas and hope to travel to Costa Rica very soon to see the wildlife. I also am Interested In the environment and wildlife. I’ve volunteered overseas In several countries Including Madagascar.
As well as creating artwork and animations I also enjoy filming my life on my video camera In the form of making video diaries, talking about my life and mental health and taking photos too which document my life.


[Fridge Award Shortlist]

This is a digital piece created on Art Rage. It is the 3rd in a series of 3 illustrations which focus on monster characters who change their colours in response to their feelings and emotions. Hence the title THE EXPRESSIVE MONSTER SERIES. In the 3rd piece there are 6 square monster characters, each with a different colour, following on from THE EXPRESSIVE MONSTER SERIES PART 2 but with two extra monster characters. Green is neutral and content, purple is introspective and contemplative, yellow is happiness and joy, pink is attraction and in love, red is intense and passionate and blue is zen and calm.


I have had my artwork displayed at several art exhibitions since 2014 and have had my animation short films screened at several film festivals since 2016. I was very happy when my MA Graduation film won an award for best children's film. I've also had my artwork featured In some magazines. This year In 2023 I was happy and pleased to have my art work featured on the back page of the Mind magazine.
I like to focus on artwork that Is all about bold and colourful design and features lively characters. I love colour, especially bright colours and that shows a lot in my work. I also like to create artwork which Is positive and uplifting with a message of hope. And If my art work can make people smile then that Is a bonus for me. I like to entertain the viewer with the energy of my work. I know what It's like to be In a low place mentally, so I try to express what I want to be and how I want the World to be for me and others, through my characters and design style.
I have my artwork on display and for sale at a shop called Polly's Place (The Autism Trust), where I also volunteer.

I am proud of these pieces because they reflect very well my creative style of bright colour and lively, bold character design. They also emphasis the positive messages I like to focus on for others to get out of my work. I am proud in particular of the two EXPRESSIVE MONSTER series pieces as they have evolved my art style further to a more professional level, where my style has become more well-formed and distinctive. Another piece called I AM, I was proud of as it incorporated some shading into the design, which I haven’t done in my work for a number of years, and I felt the little bit of shading added to the overall look of the piece.

Sarah Caulfield

I am a queer Northern artist currently based in the U.K., working with themes of trauma, reconciliation and defiance. I deliberately work with reclaimed or broken materials and implements when possible to interrogate the idea of brokenness and value in modern society, and question who benefits from narratives of who can make art, have agency over their lives, and express their realities.

These pieces represent the early stages and ongoing development of my artistic practice, which initially begun as a therapeutic exercise and developed into an abstract methodology of expressing the validity of marginalised rage, questioning the dynamics of care in modern-day society, and the examining current discourse around concepts of help and support. I feel that over these pieces, you can see not only the consolidation of these ideas and themes into a cohesive body of work, but the truth of emotion in unfettered expression, and the joy of an early relationship with artist practice.

Not Your Kintsugi Metaphor [Fridge Award Shortlist]

This piece is a personal answer to the co-opting of kintsugi pottery techniques as a metaphor by British mental health services for recovery, as well as the political warping of the term 'resilience'. It incorporates my own personally complicated feelings about it as a student of Asian Studies, a person who was failed by these services, and a person for whom the inherent position that people can be broken is offensive. The painting is an affirmation of wholeness, even in rage or despair.

SarahCaulfield_Not Your Kintsugi Metaphor.jpg

Sonni Carpenter

I am most proud of this piece for so many reasons; the main and most obvious one being, I so clearly said how I feel. In this piece I am exposed, I am labelled and it really was about being honest with myself. I’m also super proud of this piece because it was a real turning point for me artistically and just in terms of my work; it made me realise the styles I like, the length of shots and really gave me a passion to keep going regardless of how my disability may get in the way. This piece absolutely terrified me to share with an audience, even though I love to bring up the kind of conversation this picture could start, but I was terrified to be like ‘here I am and by the way I’m kinda broken’ in this suuuuper obvious way. I got shadow banned on instagram for a while because of this piece and TikTok took down the video I made about it, now that was weirdly entertaining, I enjoyed that some people may have thought I’d gone too far, but it also angered me greatly; that something so personal, so important, a message so honest, was just considered something to hide - and it pushed me. THAT’s why I’m so proud of this piece because it pushed me to show this part of me and it pushed me to keep doing it!

Fragile [Fridge Award Shortlist and Gone Bad Prize Winner]

FRAGILE is an entirely exposed, raw representation of living with Muscular Dystrophy, of being a mother and suffering with severe anxiety - on an emotion level. It is my ‘on-the-tin’ moment. This piece is a moment where I say what I am, feel what I am; Fragile.

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