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Exchange digital collage materials to make diverse works with input from other artists around the world. Donate your shapes and patterns and download new ones in return. This wonderful initiative was based on Sofia Makin's (@smakinstuff) idea of sending some of her papercuts to other artists to see them in new and different designs. When Reanne Alicia (@relicia_) heard this idea they stated simply, why not share them digitally to overcome the barriers of postage during a pandemic. Et Viola, The Collage Cooperative was born. Share, collaborate and grow this colourful collage community!



"My most classic shape is a cloud and I use a lot of watercolour paper. I'm all about happy feels, movement and colour shifts"


 Join us . . . 

Tell us about your signature style, shapes, preferred materials and why you love to collage!

Upload your shapes, papercuts and patterns below to help grow our colourful cooperative.

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