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Anne Bardsley

Art is a great passion of mine, and although I view it mainly as a hobby, I put a lot of love and care in to everything I create. I find so much joy in designing unique pieces of art, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a piece come together, the sense of achievement is extremely rewarding. 


I mostly create artwork themed around animals, with the vastness of the animal kingdom to draw artistic inspiration from the possibilities are endless.I find it quite important to explore each animals story, and trying to convey that on canvas can be challenging when you consider that many species have endured so much and continue to do so. I like to challenge myself and keep my work fresh by using different styles and mediums. I use bold colours and quirky designs to create eye-catching pieces of work that hopefully speak to all animal lovers.

I’ve always loved being creative in one form or another since childhood, I studied art at school and college but didn't pursue it any further due to lack of confidence in my abilities. I’ve realised over the years that art isn’t about being an expert, it’s about taking risks and being brave with your ideas. I don’t aim to sell everything that I create, I only focus on getting a sense of enjoyment out of being creative and hope that somewhere along the way my art makes people happy.

Beki Wills

Multimedia artist embarking on a 10 year (so far) voyage of automatic drawing, visual language and trying to work things out.

An exploration of the self, through drawing and doodling.




I am so often inspired by art when taking my photographs, in particular the 17th century Dutch masters, who created such sumptuous masterpieces of floral wonder set against a dark background. In the same way as those painters immortalised flowers in paint, I use my camera to capture those fleeting and temporal moments of a flower as it starts to fade hoping it will linger a lifetime in the memory, the heart and in my artworks.


Catherine Orr

I work with cyanotype photograms and locally sourced wild plants. The process is environmentally friendly and economical Plants are placed directly on paper coated with iron salts, and exposed to the sunlight. Other than a direct scan of the finished print, there is no computer intervention. Each print is unique and a true record of the original plant.


My cyanotype printing began last year during lockdown. I live in rural Suffolk and local walks became important, a welcome change from my job in the NHS. I’ve always loved wild plants and valued the old names and customs. I was inspired by Durer’s naturalistic ‘The Great Piece of Turf’, by John Clare’s poetry, which celebrates the wild plants in 19th Century Northamptonshire, and Anna Atkins’ faithful botanical cyanotypes. My prints show marginal plants in their natural habitat: there is shadowy grass behind the Jack-Go-To-Bed-At-Noon; the stalks of Shepherd’s Purse poke out of the tarmac, and layers of cow parsley catch the sunlight as wind moves the trees above it. My images honour the humble weeds: ubiquitous but often ignored.



I’m Rachel Turner, an early career freelance Illustrator based in Bristol, UK. I aim to create positive and playful work, (which is why Doublewhoop felt like a good pen-name) and enjoy using messy, unpredictable materials like ink, watercolour and printmaking.


E R Whittingham

I am a self-described "whimsically gothic" artist, specialising in painting and drawings all things spooky, strange and magical usually with a fun quirky twist.




I'm Freya, a 17 year old artist from Kent, with a fascination for exploring colour; playing around with different methods of adding detail and intriguing new textures to my work.


My passion for creation is the biggest part of my identity and what drives me to keep learning about life, what it means to live it and how to never let go of your inner child and their wacky imagination.

Holly Holt

I'm inspired by the lesser appreciated natural world; the things that crawl and soar, the things that go unnoticed, the things that have ceased to inhabit their original form, the furtive, the secret, the decomposed. My work is delicate and sensitive with roots in visionary experiences and the emotions stirred up by sound, mood and physical sensation.




I am a paper sculpture artist and illustrator, I have always been conflicted between the two mediums of drawing and painting, as well as model and prop making. My pieces largely centre around fantasy and often explore human emotions. Having an essence of magic in my pieces is vital to me, and is a huge inspiration in the styling of how the piece comes together. I always want to try to convey a world which feels realistic but mystical and enticing.


Sian Cann

My work, focusing on analogue photography and incorporating experimental techniques, blends the line between art and photography, and aims to explore our deepest connections with Nature. I capture otherwise ephemeral moments, giving others a chance to immerse themselves in the beauty, whimsy, and mystery of a scene, and to access the sensual responses to Nature within themselves.


All of these wonderful artists will have their work on display at our Summer Exhibition.

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