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In Romanian lore, Zanna are creatures who guide and protect lost children. Zanna intentionally appear as figment's of a child's imagination, allowing the child to move on with confidence once guidance is no longer necessary.

- Sam

Just My Imagination (Supernatural)

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Hello Friend!

Welcome to the home of wearezanna, a creative community built on the ideals of support, affordability and accessibility. We make a magazine that showcases wonderful artists from across the world, you can take a look at some of the older issues here, or buy yourself a copy here!

We also run international collaborative games over on our Instagram if you're looking for a little creative whimsy, we've usually got something going on.

I think you missed a step.

Right! Introductions.

We are a sister duo with wildly different personalities but a shared passion for all things creative! I'm 💛,  I deal with all the organisation and administration side of the business (most of my job is spreadsheets). My sister here is 🖤, she is our creative director and deals with most of the content creation and curation.

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As you may have gathered, I'm the chatty one. We started Zanna to create a space for creatives that didn't feel at home with the white wall gallery vibe of the general art scene. We want to support creatives while making art affordable for those that need it. We also want to foster a community where creatives can exchange ideas and support, collaborate and find one another.

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