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We print in CMYK so files are preferred in this colour profile, otherwise colours are subject to change when printed.

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Please use a quality, cropped image suitable for use in our final publication. For advice with photographing work check out our tips page.

We accept submissions of photography, painting, illustration, writing (basically anything we can print) to be part of our magazine. (If you want to submit work that is not printable, get in touch via email, we do exhibitions and online features too.) any questions feel free to get in touch or check our social media for more up to date information.

You may submit more than one piece but if you are going to submit multiple images please send small files for now. We will ask for high res if required.

We may add our own interpretations and musings to pages depending on our desired layout, if you have any strong feelings towards how your work is presented then please tell us during the submission phase. All final decisions are at the discretion of Zanna.

We will be in touch after submissions have closed, please be patient with us.

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April 19th - May 31st

Issue Twelve: Summer nights

Summer nights is a brief all about atmosphere, capturing that intangible feeling of campfires on the beach, midnight drive-throughs or a barbecue with friends. There is plenty to explore with this broad brief so make sure you tell us why your piece means summer nights to you. There is nothing better than warm nights with cold beers, maybe a cocktail if you are feeling fruity. Dancing under fairylights, impossibly long late night chats, stargazing in perfect calm. We think summer nights have this perfect mix of warm and cool (and would love to see this reflected in colour palettes), there is just an energy about them that we are super excited to see you guys interpret.