Submission guidelines

Acceptable file types - JPEG - PNG - PDF - TIFF

no bigger than 3MB (high res files will be requested later if required.)

We print in CMYK so files are preferred in this colour profile, otherwise colours are subject to change when printed.

Please name your file in the following format: 

Your name_name of piece 

Please use a quality, cropped image suitable for use in our final publication. For advice with photographing work check out our tips page.

We accept submissions of photography, painting, illustration, writing (basically anything we can print) to be part of our magazine. (If you want to submit work that is not printable, get in touch via email, we do exhibitions and online features too.) any questions feel free to get in touch or check our social media for more up to date information.

You may submit more than one piece but we ask for no more than three. You are welcome to submit part of a project and explain the project in the submission description, we can always ask you for more work.

We will be in touch after submissions have closed, please be patient with us.

(Image rights)

Issue Seven: Monsters and Magic

Issue Seven aims to see all of your most wicked and phantasmagorical ideas come to life. Delve into lore or create your own canon, we want bizarre beasties, menacing monstrosities and spooky spirits alongside witches, warlocks and their sensational spells. We are interested to see your many interpretations of monsters from the mundane to the magnificent and what it means to really be one, both literally and metaphorically.

Explore the world of witchcraft from Salem and Pendle Hill, to Hogwarts and Neverland. Conjure works from the furthest reaches of your imagination using powers of sorcery, alchemy and divination. If fairytales, pixies and unicorns are more your speed, we don’t blame you, who doesn’t love rainbows and sparkles?! Show us your favourite enchanted entities, creepy cryptids and everything in between.

Deadline: September 15th

We have provided a non-exhaustive mind-map to get you started but do not limit yourself to what is here, it’s just a few ideas of ours. Your submission can be based on Monsters, Magic or both, if you have any questions about potential submissions then don’t hesitate to ask us, but we’ll probably tell you to go for it, leave the worrying and hard decisions to us.

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