Submission Guidelines

Acceptable file types - JPEG - PNG - PDF - TIFF

no bigger than 3MB (high res files will be requested later if required.)

We print in CMYK so files are preferred in this colour profile, otherwise colours are subject to change when printed.

Please name your file in the following format: 

Your name_name of piece 

Please use a quality, cropped image suitable for use in our final publication. For advice with photographing work check out our tips page.

We accept submissions of photography, painting, illustration, writing (basically anything we can print) to be part of our magazine. (If you want to submit work that is not printable, get in touch via email, we do exhibitions and online features too.) any questions feel free to get in touch or check our social media for more up to date information.

You may submit more than one piece but we ask for no more than three. You are welcome to submit part of a project and explain the project in the submission description, we can always ask you for more work.

We may add our own interpretations and musings to pages depending on our desired layout, if you have any strong feelings towards how your work is presented then please tell us during the submission phase. All final decisions are at the discretion of Zanna.

We will be in touch after submissions have closed, please be patient with us.

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Issue Nine: Monochrome Madness

April 19th - May 31st

The idea behind this brief has been a long time in the making and it's something we haven't felt ready to attempt until now. Essentially we want to make an Issue that celebrates colour, but as always with Zanna, not necessarily in the way you might think. We are obsessed with colour; the theory, symbolism, psychology and even the science behind it. We were obsessed with the paint mixers at B&Q long before it was a TikTok trend and the Anish Kapoor Vantablack controversy was our kind of Celeb drama. Basically, if it has to do with colours we wanna know about it! 

In Issue Nine we are looking for pieces that celebrate a single colour, so that we can curate them into a rainbow. Each turn of a page will transition through tones of the rainbow like a gradient, so when the reader flips through they should see a rainbow. Although we are excited about this, the emphasis of the brief is centred around exploration and meaning of specific singular colours and tones rather than a rainbow as a whole. Certain colours illicit all sorts of emotions and their meanings can differ based on culture, geography, age and the subjects they are applied to, your job is to tell a story using a single colour. Your piece(s) can use as many shades of your chosen colour as you need but must feature only one colour, the dominant shade in the piece will be used to help us order our rainbow. 

All disciplines are welcome and essays on the significance of a colour are encouraged. You may submit more than one piece either of the same or different colours but for curatorial reasons we will only be choosing one colour per contributor, so think carefully about your submission. We will also be making updates via social media on the colours we have received in the form of a pie chart. please keep an eye on that so any gaps that appear can be filled.