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Issue Eleven: Futuristic

Deadline: Feb 12th

When does the future become futuristic; tomorrow? In ten years? Fifty? A thousand? Issue eleven of Zanna Magazine is looking for your creative interpretations of the future. Whether the future you imagine is a utopia, an apocalyptic wasteland or a little of both, there is so much to explore within those worlds. You could explore the future of our planet/humanity or a far future with a healthy dose of Sci-Fi. Maybe the future you imagine exists after a past that never was. Whether it’s an expectation of reality or pure fantasy, share your vision of the future with us. All mediums welcome (visual, poetry, essay…)!


Here are a few questions to help get the cogs turning:

Consider who exists in a futuristic world, what might they wear, where do they live. What does a normal day look like in the future?

When you think of the future, what to you imagine first? The technological advancements, the fashion, Aliens?

How do you think technology will impact art in the future? Environmental consequences of NFT’s?

Where is the future of art/ the next movement?  “Post covid” renaissance?