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Zanna Fridge Awards 2023 Winner

We are so pleased to announce Amy Gladding as our 2023 winner! Her piece Time Travel won us over and we can't wait to begin working on her proposal.

"I have created places and spaces that only exist in my imagination or a dream world. These invented landscapes and escapes allow me to travel elsewhere relive experiences from my past that feel a world away from my present. I get a sense of freedom looking into each landscape."

"My Art and Photography practice explores the natural world and changing landscapes. I am driven to document my surroundings to try to find a sense of place in the world. My work is experimental and spans many art forms. I work predominately through analogue processes merging these outcomes with art and design techniques.

The freedom I get from walking and shooting when my time is so little and so precious, is what makes every shot sentimental to me. The whole process is intertwined and fraught with the essence of motherhood and feelings of being tethered and needed constantly.

When I go out to photograph I am free for a short time and it’s bliss (just as much as my time with my daughter is bliss but in a completely different way)

Each photograph speaks of a personal experience and rare solitude within the landscape."

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