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We have run out of money.

We've done the math and are sad to say that the business is no longer sustainable as is. Because of this, we have decided that Issue Ten will be our last print issue. We will see out the year as normal but as of next year we will be scaling back significantly. This isn't the end of Zanna because we love what we do and we want to keep supporting creatives if we can, but things will be changing. We hope to continue the magazine as a digital only project and we are going to do our best to keep our small initiatives alive for as long as possible. We have seen this coming for a while and aren't too bitter because the whole world is on fire and this time last year we didn't think we would even make it this far. We love and appreciate all of you that have shown us support throughout our journey and hope you will stick with us, even if it is just in spirit. We are viewing this as a minor setback and dream one day to get our plans of world domination back on track.

What about [blank]?

Any and all plans you are currently aware of or are part of will be going ahead as intended, we are just being realistic about our future and don't want to suddenly stop everything out of the blue. We likely won't be able to offer the same opportunities next year so we are putting all of our energy into making this year awesome.


Keepers will be unaffected by the current changes and this subscription will remain the same as long as Zanna keeps going. We will still accept new subscribers of all tiers but all except Keeper are subject to change. Heroes, Dreamers and Baddasses who are subscribed will receive all their promised perks for this year and at the end of the year each tier will be downgraded automatically.

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