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Submission Open!

The next theme for Zanna Zine is Artificial Inspiration - a discussion of how AI art has effected the creative community and how artists feel about it. Head on over to our submissions page to be part of our next issue.

We want to see everything from using AI mood boards to spark inspiration to full blown AI pieces; but most importantly we want to dig into the question, where's the line? Is someone an artist because they typed a few words into a generator? Is an artist not an artist for using a certain tool for creation? Where's the line?

We just did a whole issue based around the idea that things don't have to be original to be great and art can be reworked into your own vision. Where does AI art fall within this discussion? We've thought up a few questions to get the ball rolling but we are looking for anything based around AI art whether visual, written or both.

Does AI open up new opportunities for artist?

Do you think AI is harmful to traditional artists?

Is AI the future of art?

Has AI stolen your art?

Has AI changed your creative process?

Should you be allowed to enter AI art into competitions?

Should there be rules/restrictions on the use of AI art?

Can we stop AI from sourcing/plagiarising other artists work?

What about an AI that only sources existing work from the artist using it?

Should AI only be allowed to source from free to use images?

Should AI art be watermarked/come with a disclaimer?

Should AI art generators be banned/restricted?

Has AI helped you overcome art block?

Can real people compete with AI art?

Who is more of an artist, someone that repainted an existing image or someone that conceptualised a new image but used AI to create it? Is art the idea or the execution? A bit of both? Where's the line?

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