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Patchwork Poster!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Our fun and slightly frantic November art game has resulted in a beautiful monster of a poster, (that is available from the store right now, just click here to get yours!) and we are super excited to be supporting the housing charity Shelter by donating the profits from sales of this collaborative creation.

Our wonderful Dreamer and Badass subscribers will be receiving a poster in their next order; because our favourite thing to do with your support (and money) is pay it forward and support others!

Patches by-

Laura Rogers @lk_rogers

Sian Cann @siancann

Ariee @arieefineart

Kyle Shim-Thomas

N33fti @n33fti

Gold Heart @wearezanna

Henrike Alicia

Laura S Martinee @llmartinee

Luci Stardust @luci.stardust

Black Heart @wearezanna

Shannon Donaldson @shannondonaldsondesign

jeganmones @jegan__mones

Taya Martin @tayamartin

Papa Zanna @wearezanna

Hollie Belford @hollbart

Darkwing Fenix @darkwingfenix

Kelvin Lepley @art_by_lepley

Noll Griffin @nollprints

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