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Growing the Community

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Zanna has started its very own discord server to connect creatives.

From just £1 a month you can become a Zanna subscriber and gain access to extra special channels to receive feedback, share resources and get Zanna announcements first! If you just want to come along and hang out for free, that's cool too.

Zanna will start hosting monthly craft sessions to provide a space for some structured creativity. Do you have a million projects you'd love to spend more time on but for some reason or another it always gets put off? How about a new hobby you've been dying to try out? Need a little motivation to finally finish that piece from three month ago?

Craft Time with Zanna is an opportunity for you to focus up with a group of like minded creative procrastinators. You can share ideas, get feedback, or sit quietly and enjoy some artsy nonsense. These sessions are informal and you can drop in anytime within the two hours.

Join the server here

Craft Time with Zanna will begin with monthly sessions on the last Wednesday of each month, 5-7pm (GMT).

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