Fridge Award Shortlist

The chosen pieces are:

Pride Cows - Anne Bardsley

"This may be the one piece that I’m most proud of. I decided to enter a competition where the brief was 'what does Pride mean to you', I had to create a piece of art that encapsulated everything that I feel about Pride. I put my all into creating this piece, with so much thought and emotion behind my decisions. I also created a poem to go along side this painting with the aim to express how I truly feel about the subject matter. I didn’t win the competition but I am eternally grateful for the experience of creating something so personal, and the challenge that came with trying to visualise my belief was very welcomed. For me, Pride means bravery, acceptance, love and support.

I chose three cows of all colours to portray how different, yet beautiful and diverse we are and look. I stood them on top of each other to represent how together, when we are brave, we are stronger and can reach heights we could never dream of without love and support. Finally I chose the cow for the theme of the piece because there are many types of cow, each may look different at first glance but inside are intelligent, emotional and beautiful creatures, sound familiar, beautiful reader! I think we can follow their example, all it would take is Pride in ourselves and each other, worst case scenario we all stand about eating grass and mooing."