Rebecca Eaves

@rebelradicaldiy (Warning: Explicit language and awesome vibes)


Hand painted/printed items and band merchandise made by a young woman with a vision. All this started in a bedroom in Scotland making patches on cut up clothes. Rebecca is now on the journey to becoming a brand. The lesson: You can do it.

The goal is to have everyone looking exactly the way they want to. Everyone has their own unique style and Rebecca loves to help you achieve yours. She has grown from custom patches to incorporating her own artwork into some pieces. 

Every item of clothing has a recycled card logo tag and hand sewn label. All orders also come with a hand written thank you letter for that personal DIY touch. Rebecca tries to keep the business as ethical as possible, with the use of biodegradable fabrics, nothing is sourced from sweatshops and up-cycled products are used where possible.

Life is too short for boring clothes!

Anarchy, Peace & Love <3

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