KALEIDA creations was founded in Germany (Bavaria) to share with the world, my vision for colour, geometry, and the beauty of the natural environment. My creative process begins with the material. I explore the experimental potential, the aesthetic properties and the qualities of each material and transform my findings into art and design concepts. My work is characterised by the combination of contrasting textures, colours and light effects. I create works or products with character, which have a story to tell and are told by the work of art or design. My work is constantly inspired by nature, the Scandinavian and Italian design worlds, and the Latin handcraft that has shaped me since my childhood. 

My paintings portray my interpretation of the world: The ephemeral beauty of nature (mostly the underwater world). My paintings portray a view of the sea, the earth or the sky. Or simply an idea of the universe as seen through a telescope. Still more fascinating, is that any or all of the above views may be found in one painting at a time. 
From a different perspective, comes energy and emotions, which are manifested by an explosion of colours on the canvas. After all, the universe is built of energy. Using different techniques and materials, although mainly acrylic, my work is the result of a long, ongoing experiment with concepts, thoughts, imagination and beauty. 

© 2017 Chamberlain family

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