Zach Murray (Formerly Planetry)


"I've recently started selling art on the blockchain as crypto art, bought using cryptocurrency such as Ethereum. This where blockchain technology is used to authenticate digital creations to their respective creators (and owners who buy them) where you're able to restrict it's available quantity e.g. 50 available to 1 of 1.

Same theme, Science Fantasy; Same subjects, dreamscapes, otherworldly scenes and portraits.


I've been working on a digital technique which has been yielding some interesting results

[right]. A blend of photo manipulation and solid pixel colours give me vibrancy along with photo-realistic detail which are determined by the digital information available of each pixel in a photo.


I'm just creating, learning and meeting new people - all I want to do really!


Toshia Christal


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Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 13.14.04.png

Megan Golden


Website is under construction:

Megan Golden is a Tampa native, who has found her niche as an artist, currently specialising in photography, painting, and jewellery designing.  She often channels her own energy into her art and loves to experiment with different techniques and mediums. Her purpose is to invoke strong emotions in her audience, as she uses her art to deliver a constantly evolving message. Some of her featured pieces include the composite photo, “Diving Deep” MIZE Gallery in October 5th, 2018 and “HOME” at the Morean Art Center for the Robot Exchange Art Show September 14th, 2019. Her upcoming piece “Grace” will be displayed at VENUS, which is facilitated by the nonprofit St. Pete Women’s Collective, also located in St. Petersburg, FL.  As a local artist in Tampa Bay, Megan frequents many events in the area, including Wesley Chapel and Clearwater.  Her newest project involves incorporating her designs into wearable art. Be on the lookout for her wearable graphic artwork, “ROUGH”, which conveys the message “we are all a work in progress, a diamond in the rough".  Megan knows that self love is a necessity, and she strongly believes that we should never stop improving ourselves. She strives to continuously improve her relationship with herself, her art, and with every other living being.  Don't miss Megan's latest art, jewellery, and clothing, ready to hit the runway at this year's HAUTE Accessories Week February 29th, 2020. While she looks forward to pursuing her creative aspirations as an artist, she hopes you will join her on her never-ending journey of artistic growth and evolvement.


Emily chapman



"I am a freelance artist primarily working in traditional media - coloured pencils. Currently working on many fan art commissions that feature characters from games, anime and other pop culture. 

Trying to work towards a career within the gaming and media industry as a concept artist and/or illustrator. 
Continuously practicing my craft every day!"


What I found was not what I expected. A girl sat in the corner, alone upon a stool. A guitar rested upon her legs, her chestnut hair just tickling its top surface. She strummed it with delicate fingers, and with each pass a beautiful new collection of notes rung out.
My determination instantly melted away, and I listened for some time. Her music washed over me, my ears lapping up every note, my eyes enraptured by the intricate motions her fingers made. Eventually the song came to an end. I felt disappointed, but assumed in a minute she’d begin a new one.
Instead, she looked up at me. Only now did I realise I was staring.
“You’re new here,” she said. Her voice was sweet and soft. For a moment I panicked, before she continued, “The regulars never stop to watch anymore.”
I tried to find words, but they escaped me.
“What’s your name?” she asked.
“Talemmy,” I babbled. I blamed the confusion of using an alias, but deep down I knew it was something else. I pretended to cough. I told myself to focus. “Emmy,” I managed to get out. I felt like I’d achieved a miracle.
“That’s a pretty name. I’m Jessica. Jessica Torrent.”
She made it seem so easy. Talking. I realised I was still staring. I needed to stop staring.
“So where are you from, Emmy?” she asked.
“The Mainland,” I replied without thinking.
“That figures. Your accent says as much.”
“What about you?” I asked. Three words I could manage.
“I’m local. I travel a bit though, bringing my songs to the skyles of the Southern Province.”
“You’re very good.”
The girl blushed, an eye disappearing behind her hair. “Thank you, that means a lot.”
“I mean it. You’re amazing.” Too much. That was too much.
The girl didn’t seem to mind. “You’re too kind. Do you play?”
I shook my head. I’d always wanted to learn an instrument, but my father hadn’t been so enthusiastic. A peasant’s profession, he’d called it.
“I want to, though,” I said.
“Do you want to try?” She held out her guitar.
“No one’s really listening anyway,” she replied.
I was, I thought.

Thomas H hancock


get Deity's Dawn

get Mananet


Thomas has authored multiple books and is currently working on yet more projects. Here is an excerpt from their latest work 'A Boat Called River'.


Saskia Huitema


"Looking back since issue 2 I have been busy exhibiting. In addition to gallery exhibitions I have had some more highlights. I have taken part in a museum group exhibition at the Dutch Museum Maassluis.

Best of all was my nomination (short listed by jury) for the Dutch Portrait Prize.

This resulted in a beautiful exhibition at the wonderful location Slot Zeist, my work was shown in a national Dutch newspaper and I have another exhibition coming up in May/June with nominees  of the Dutch Portrait Prize 2017 and 2019. I was also among the 50 nominees by the jury for ‘Painting of the Year’ - a national Dutch contest with another piece of mine.

I am currently also excited about the international collaboration ‘78 Tarot’ in which each tarot card in a deck is created by another artist. I am contributing a card and the deck will be launched this year.

My piece ‘The Outlook’ [right] was nominated for the Dutch Portrait Prize."


Carsten John


The work shown here is taken from the video 'Rise of the Tulips'


Erika Reyes


"I write out of Los Angeles, California, USA. I have a short emotional and introspective novella coming out soon called Neesa Flew Away, about a queer woman who leaves an abusive relationship and starts a new life in Peru. I have a play I just completed about a father dealing with mental health issues, based in Los Angeles and Jalisco, Mexico. It's called Ernesto Wants to be Alone. And I'm working on a memoir called Stories to Forget. I'm in the process of findings a literary agent that might make a good fit for a person that fluctuates between genres and formats."

* * *

Neesa came back a little rattled by the conversation with Elli. It was as if an open wound was dragged through the petulant mud of life. She was too late to realize that she was not ready to speak so honestly. She felt comfortable with Elli, in those moments. However, she was left to deal with the emotions of it all on her own now that she was alone. So that was the problem she decided to resolve:  Solitude. That is why she was here. Now in the hotel, she needed to be somewhere else. The party would begin in an hour.

She decided to get in the shower and remove all the sand from her body like so many try to wash away unpleasant events. Maybe it was the sand making her feel heavy. Maybe once the sand came off, she could feel light once again and all those thoughts would lift along with each grain and slowly swivel down the drain to a nothing. She did not want to consider where those pipes would carry so much disgust. Neesa entered her shower as if entering a different realm. Naked, with her chin up and her eyes closed, she went in head first into the fray of water drops. The water felt cool on her hot skin and she stood there for what seemed like five minutes. Watching the water run down her body, to her feet, and off into the twist that pulls the water into the drain. Neesa felt the need to sink into the drain herself. The more she stared, the more she believed she would dissolve and be gone forever. This lasted until she finally shook herself from her mood and went about her shower as usual.

* * *

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