Marta Zubieta


"Marta Zubieta is a visual artist & image-maker. She explores visual languages through the combination of retro and tropical references where the creepy and the cool collide."

Marta is based in Bristol and has participated in many local projects such as painting a mural on the doors of Kong's and designing the five pound note for the Bristol pound. She has also had numerous commissions including artwork for magazine articles and music artwork.


Beatrice Posner


Beatrice is still working successfully on the blood project; raising awareness of blood conditions by collaborating with charities, hospitals and individuals with various blood conditions in both Sweden and UK. They've also started their own business with portrait photography  in Sweden.


Bec Broomhall


Bec is a full time artist based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands.  Her work is mainly portrait based and inspired by quick sketches and doodles, which are then developed into larger paintings, such as this beautiful piece 'Contemplating'. She shares our love of bright, vibrant colours. Most of Bec's references and ideas come from people and fashion, but also social media and the idea of the selfie.  She currently works from a home studio and exhibits locally and further afield, as well as having work in local independent shops. 

Bec has recently been accepted into the Artists' Society in her home town and will have a selection of her work in the New Members Exhibition in May 2019. 


Ewan Henry


The Zanna launch party was Ewan's first exhibition and since then he has been going from strength to strength. His fan-base has exploded and more people are discovering the joy of guess that beastie. He recently took over Photoshop's Instagram account and cemented himself as an artist to keep an eye on!





Where is PLANETRY now?


“Still here, Still floating in space!”

Planetry started off designing and selling Sci-Fi, Astronomy & Fantasy themed garments. Then realised they really liked the ‘design’ bit much more than the textiles, clothing, fittings (etc.) So decided to focus all their efforts on digital & wall art which is available online.


Since the Zanna Exhibition, Planetry resumed throwing any learnings, skills, experience and practice into the ‘knowhow’ tool box to keep the ‘spaceship running’ and their capabilities growing.


One of Planetry's current projects is a digital collage about the Ganesha Hindu god, ‘Remover of Obstacles’. Here they are brushing the ‘Fantasy’ element of their interest by turning focus on deities, gods & mythical beings. They still have limited knowledge on Hinduism; however they found meaningful, inspirational but also personally applicable lessons, sayings and ways of thinking that have been preached and advised for centuries by various Hindu Gods. This project is a way to revisit these lessons.

Planetry is currently reaching out to creatives who consider themselves ‘starting out’ or ‘mid-journey’ on their creative journey. They would like to speak about and help where possible with things that are experienced ‘growing up’ in the creative world with ‘experts’ and how-to-guides which advise us with one-size-fits-all guides that are largely out of context with all of us. A work-in-progress activity, they want to speak about something on a one to one basis, that creatives struggle with, or are good at, and share with others who will mutually benefit. Currently they are looking for a way of doing this that’s stress-free for all parties, but most of all, fun. If you want to get involved in something a little different, with an opportunity to talk about yourself and potentially help other, please get in touch and make something happen.


Alison Carpenter-Hughes


Since having her work in Zanna Magazine, Alison has won two awards, both for her piece ‘Little Connie’ (left) – The Attenborough Prize for the Leicester Open 29 in December 2018 and Needlecrafter of the Year for the National Needlecraft Awards 2019.


Alison was also asked to deface two banknotes for the Cash is King 2: Money Talks exhibition and book. These will be shown at the Saatchi Gallery in August.


She won an art residency to Tokyo for two months and will be giving an artist talk there on  April 29th and an open studio event May 17th. Janome Sewing Machines have been supporting Alison with equipment whilst in residency and she will be showing her techniques to their staff and customers near the end of May. She will have new works to show and as part of her residency, and be giving talks in Leicester upon her return.

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