Zanna Magazine, Issue Two


What we want more of:


We know it can be difficult to write descriptions and artist statements, each organisation will ask for something different and each project you complete might need a new one and it feels like a never-ending chore. We don’t need those long statements or paragraphs filled with university buzzwords. All we want is to know what inspired you to make the work and why that is important or relevant to the brief.

Challenging work

We like weird, this is your chance to let loose. Just because a piece is conventional does not make it any more or less likely to be included. We like big challenging ideas and artworks that reflect them.

Written work

We enjoy art of all forms but written works are by far the least represented in our submissions. Don’t limit yourself to thinking we are only interested in poems and short stories (although we do love them), we will consider creative essays, research documents, articles, anything that showcases the brief in a creative manner.



Next up from writing, we have sadly few photographs and we want more. This includes edits and glitches. We have had some utterly stunning and thought-provoking pieces of photography/digital art and it has us craving more!

Clear colour championing

You don’t have to use only black, red or gold but we urge you to make sure it is obvious which colour or combination you are showcasing, we shouldn’t need to ask the question. We would recommend, based on submissions so far, that all pieces are dominated by one or more of these colours and that you try not to fall into the “white isn’t a colour so it doesn’t count” trap. We have had many images dominated by white or grey in particular, rather than black.

Be thoughtful

We don’t want work because it happens to be black or red or gold, we want works that celebrate these colours and are that colour for a reason. Feel free to send a lengthy description of why you have chosen to submit to this brief with that piece and not just wait for the next one. Ask yourself why and then tell us why.



Things you can do:


Check out our prompts

We don’t want you sitting down and just trying to create something of a given colour without context. Do some research and be inspired by the rich symbolism or history of one of our chosen colours and create a story with your work.

Don’t be afraid to show off

Tell us why you are amazing and your art belongs in our magazine, passion is integral to everything we do and we want to see that from our artists too. Confidently endorsing your work strengthens it and gives a viewer more understanding.

Ask questions

If you are unsure about anything then just get in touch and talk through it, or utilise other artists to discuss ideas/issues/breakthroughs. We are building a community and everybody has a voice.

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