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Hazel Soper​




I am a socially engaged artist working with video, paper, and textiles to create accessible works relevant to contemporary struggles in our society. I have recently participated in Freedom City (Newcastle), FaB Festival (Bath), and Self as Actor: Colonising identity (Limassol). With my work I want to engage the viewer with immersive installation comparing perfected media with how we experience personal realities. I’m interested in how our relationships react and respond to the bombardment of images and information that surround us in our technology orientated world. Playing with the notion of the absurd, I articulate the disconnect and disorientation many of us suffer.  



This film piece investigates the love between human and device; it analyses the syntax of hand gestures or ‘caresses’ enacted when using our phones. Cut-up poetry sourced from language of internet adverts interrupts the bodily rhythms, creating an artificial story of romance and nostalgia that casts doubt on the authenticity of online communication, exploring the screen as a barrier. An atmosphere of intimacy surrounds mobile phones: the object goes everywhere with us, connecting us to loved ones, to secrets, to our pasts. The work shall investigate the mythicism that we have attributed to these objects that our emotional lives rely on.

Our relationship with technology is inherently gendered. My piece investigates how established inequalities within reproductive labour are increased by pressure from our connection to social media. Perfected representations commercialise women’s lives, transforming speech and bodies into a curated brand. This additional pressure, labour and portrayal of enforced feminine stereotyping is revealed through a hyper-feminine, vaporwave aesthetic.