Exhibitor Information


Once you are invited to exhibit with us you need to accept your place.  We need to know if/when you are available during the exhibition. If you live too far or can’t make it to the exhibition but still want your work on the walls, just let us know. You will still need to supply your own prints. If you do not wish to exhibit with us for any reason you must let us know this also. If you do not confirm your place we will not hold your space at exhibition.



Printing, framing and arranging is entirely down to you. We want you to have free reign over your space, so you can hang as many pieces as you feel is appropriate for the space; we only ask that at least one of the pieces from the zine be on the wall. All work must be priced or labelled as not for sale this decision is down to you, but we would like to know in advance either way. If you will not be attending the hanging you will need to send your work to us in advance. If you are coming for the hanging before the exhibition begins we are happy for you to bring all your work on the day to save on shipping.



We ask everyone that can be around on the morning of hanging to arrive as early as possible (though we understand some of you have to travel, but as long as everyone doesn’t show up in the last half hour it should be fine). We don’t mind you bringing someone along to help out if you want. We will provide a drill, screws and mirror plates for hanging frames, also masking tape and white paint for neatening up after. If you wish to hang in a different manner that is fine by us, but you will need to bring along everything that you need to do so.


Opening night/during the days

We would love to see as many of you as possible on opening night! Exhibitors do not need to buy a ticket for opening night, you may also bring a free plus one; any further guests of yours will be required to purchase tickets for the event. It is a great opportunity to network and a chance for our guests to ask questions and get a little insight from the artist. The exhibition will run for a few days and while you are welcome to attend the whole exhibition by no means is there any pressure to do so, we understand you are busy people.


Taking down/returning work

All work will be taken down the morning after the exhibition finishes, all help on this day is greatly appreciated. If you are available the morning after exhibition, you can pop back to the exhibition space and collect your work free of charge. We are happy to send work back to you if you are unavailable (you pay shipping), but please have this prearranged with us.



At the end of the exhibition if you have sold any works we will release these payments to you with an invoice (Zanna commission: 15% from the wall, 10% from gift shop sales). Shipping costs can be deducted from final sales if we are to send works back. If you have any outstanding payments to be made to us then we will wait for all debts to be cleared before sending your prints back. It should be clear what, if any, money will be owed to us before the start of the exhibition, if you are in any doubt please contact us, wearezanna@gmail.com.

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