Submission guidelines

Please name your file in the following format: 

Your name_name of piece 

Acceptable file types - JPEG - PNG - PDF - TIFF

We print in CMYK so files are preferred in this colour profile, otherwise colours are subject to change when printed.

Please provide one ready to print image, either A4 or A5.

(Image rights)

Affordable Print Initiative

We would like to encourage everyone’s love of art, no matter their income. Hence the introduction of our Affordable Print Initiative. This initiative has run successfully at previous Zanna events but now it's time to go digital!

How it works

1. You donate one image to us

Donating your image does not transfer your rights to use the image, all image rights are retained by the artist. By donating you agree to the sale of ten print copies of your image via our shop.  We cover all the costs of printing so there is no risk to the artist. 

2. We sell the prints and you make money!
A4 prints sold for £10 each, artist receives £5 per sale.
A5 prints sold for £6 each, artist receives £3 per sale.

After three months that's it, the prints will no longer be available and we will send you any earnings.